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About us

Olynk- we choose what’s best in nature!

Olynk is an established manufacturer of eco-friendly scented candles, waxes and lanterns. Our products are made of the highest quality materials and strongly inspired by nature’s healing and calming powers. We offer a wide range of decorative and scented candles, decorative lanterns, as well as perfume waxes for natural products supporters. All of our candles are made of raw, natural materials such as: palm wax, beeswax and soy wax.

Why choose Olynk candles?

In Olynk, we strongly believe that deep human bonds and connections are vital for the wellbeing of all people. Each one of us needs a human touch – engaging conversation, friendly meeting, a good story.. Olynk wants to share these unique, bright moments with you! Our company is the leading Ambassador of Good Moments – we provide you with environmentally friendly, uniquely scented candles, waxes and lanterns. Healthy, warm light of our candles will make these special moments complete.

Our work is our passion!

Olynk’s factory of eco-friendly soy candles is a unique place. Our products are created with extraordinary care and attention to the details. Candles are rarely associated with innovation, but we see things differently – there is fire and good energy in each one of our products!
As a candle manufacturer, Olynk combines the idea of sophisticated design, vast knowledge of technology and years of experience. As a result, our candles, waxes and lanterns ( for both commercial and private interiors) are truly original and successful products cherished by our customers.