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In Olynk, we understand how candles business works…

We know that beautiful candlelight and delightful scents create stunning first impression. You only get one chance! How you are perceived, determines your success. Magical candlelight aura gives your clients something special to remember you by. That’s how a good opinion arises – you can be sure it will work for you for the years to come. Additionally, our products are 100% natural and made exclusively of raw, eco-friendly materials such as: palm wax, beeswax, soy wax. Isn’t it great?


Eco-friendly products for demanding nature lovers.

Made exclusively of natural waxes, our candles are a completely innovative, eco-friendly solution for everyone who wants to bring healthy warmth and soft light into their home or apartment while still being environmentally aware.
Olynk’s decorative soy candles are a guarantee of nontoxic components. As a concious and socially responsible candle manufacturer, we make sure that our products do not harm your health or surrounding environment. If you really want to make your home, apartment or reception a safe and friendly place – choose our natural candles and decorative lanterns-
it’s that easy! Additionally, all of our products are extremely durable and efficient in use.
In our online shop you’ll find a variety of products complementing our main offer, including aromatic inserts for fireplaces and massage candles that easily melt, allowing you to use precious candle oils for a relaxing massage or nourishing skin care ritual. Tempting, isn’t it?


Olynk offers a wide range of eco-friendly scented candles, waxes and lanterns. Our products are made exclusively of the highest quality organic materials such as: palm wax, beeswax and soy wax. Our portfolio features various solutions for your business – choose from numerous options and find the perfect product:
– candles in open glass containers
– candles in glass containers with a wooden lid
– candles in metal containers
– massage oil candles
– scented wax cubes
– pillar candles and table candles of various shapes and sizes
– personalized products (contact us for more information about personalized products and various options available)

 Create your own, personalized candle.

Make your brand stand out!
In Olynk, we strongly believe that each order is an independent, unique project. Whatever your preferences, we provide a wide selection of materials, glasses, metal jars, fragrances, colours and packages – these are the tools we have in store to bring your candle to life! We offer our clients the ability to customize the product so that it reflects the true nature of the brand and fits perfectly the occasion. Choose a unique, personalized solution for your business:
– logo print on the glass
– dyeing plus logo print
– logo on the label
– dyeing
Olynk also offers you a custom retail packaging for the product of your choice. Available are:
– two-piece cardboard box
– gray box with a band (and a print of your choice)

Containers personalization and coloring – technologies available.

Prints on glass and containers are created using ceramic decal transfer system, polylux and sublimation technology. Additionally, we apply water-based coatings (so-called ‘HYDRO’) with shiny, matte, metallic, satin and soft touch finishing (gives a subtle soft touch feeling to a container). Hydro coatings and ‘soft touch’ finishings are available in most pantone colors.We also apply coatings using the sublimation method and provide atypical, unique coatings such as ‘crack color’ (skin effect) and thermoactive coatings. We are not limited by the number of colors, placing of the marking or the type of glass . Combining printing technologies with Hydrocolor staining is also an option.
Olynk offers a comprehensive service all the way from graphic design preparation to staining.
Contact us for more information about personalized products and various options available – together we will find the perfect solution for your business.

As a candles manufacturer we offer huge ranges of: container, blend, scent, print,… We specialize in personalized production with the clients brand.

Cooperate with an experienced candles manufacturer.