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Olynk – we manufacture your brightest moments!

Our journey began several years ago in Poznań: what was once a dream shared by two friends, soon became a successful, one of a kind enterprise. Bold and life changing decision made by the owners: Dominik and Damian lead to creation of the ‘Olynk‘ brand. The company’s mission was clear from the beginning: to develop and manufacture highest quality, unique range of natural candles and waxes – ones that we ourselves would love to take home.
Soon our passion and hard work became contagious – Olynk’s family grew bigger each month. Accompanied by the team of close friends and experienced proffessionals we were ready to go further and achieve ambitious goals. What was once a dream, became a reality!
Today, Olynk factory thrives: we are a well established candles’ manufacturer delivering our unique, eco-friendly products to various markets abroad. With clients in many EU countries, we’re prepared to fill the biggest and the most demanding orders. During the years we’ve built a strong supply base and encouraged the best, most experienced proffesionals to join our forces. We’re priviliged to share our passion with so many brilliant people – this way we ensure that all of our products are manufactured with the highest possible standards and are 100% safe.
As a concious and socially responsible company, we make sure that our products do not harm your health or surrounding environment. Join our mission today and choose Olynk’s candles!